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Virtual Care

We are at the forefront of virtual therapy delivery and have developed sophisticated methods of treatment delivery through virtual care. If you choose to receive services through virtual care you will meet your therapist through a secure video conferencing platform with the highest degree of security. Your sessions will include a virtual whiteboard that you and your therapist can write on together to help make sense of your experiences and keep notes of what is discussed in session. Your therapist will be equipped with a tablet in addition to their computer so that diagrams can be drawn as necessary. Since writing things down is critical to cognitive behavioural therapy, the use of the whiteboard allows us to deliver the same quality of therapy virtually as you would receive in person. You will receive a copy of all of these whiteboard notes so that you can review them in between sessions. We use high quality audio headsets so that you never have any difficulties seeing or hearing your therapist. The virtual approach that we use was developed during randomized controlled trials of virtual cognitive behavioural therapy conducted by members of our team so you can be confident in its effectiveness.

There are many potential advantages to virtual therapy over in-person therapy. You do not need to worry about travelling to an office for the appointment and the appointment can be done from your own home or office. Having sessions in your own environment also allows us to test out new coping strategies in your environment during session to see how they are going to work for you.

Virtual Conference
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